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System administrators have to face a million types of problems. Their job description may not say so but it is an accepted fact that they must encounter the worst of scenarios and get past them. They face problems like crashing of single consoles or the entire system, data corruption occurring on one or several of the computers on the network or the worst of all, hackers gaining access to the network. In this case they have to probe the various parameters involving the unprecedented attack. They have to find out the source or origin of the attack, the place where it was all staged and the various areas the attacker visited and the resources he/she extracted. To provide such services TrueProtection Software has developed TracksTracker Lite. It does every single task it claims to be capable of and very efficiently too.

Whenever a network is set up, the system administrator who is put in charge of the whole thing is warned against malicious threats roaming the internet and that they are ever ready to advent the system. No single network is threat free and that they will get hacked is worldly fact and this becomes only a matter of time until some hacker senses the gaps in the security of the network. But since admins are expected to trace the hackers and find out about them and catch them red handed, they can use this very effective piece of tool.

TracksTracker Lite does it all for Internet Information Servers designed by Microsoft. It has features where it can: detect the origin of the attack, the digital details such as the IP address of the attacker, the places on the network has visited, the number of attempts the person has made and so on and so forth. Overall, it is a handy tool for admins of IIS.