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Using the computers can be the most interesting thing. This is because you can be your own master with this very machine as and when you want to. Most of the time, this is what you can choose to do, when the computer in question is your own personal computer. You are the administrator and you have the power to run your pc the way you want and have access to anything and everything. Now, the intricacy that pervades the user administrator set-up is the fact that one is not allowed to access everything that one wishes to.

To solve this basic hindrance, TqcRunas was launched by Quimeras. This program is used to work with the runas command. Having an interface that is document oriented, it helps the user to execute runas even from strongly encrypted files. This utility is very similar in function to the RunAs command in Windows. Without having to undertake the hassle to log in and log out back to back, a user can simply log in as a different user administrator and also perform all activities as the former administrator. For this utility software one can simply embed the username and the password in an encrypted file and can run the program without having to enter the password manually. In case of a restricted user, there might be many problems when one tries to use a limited rights application.

Yet, with TqcRunas, the access rights become feasible and flexible. It is a shareware utility and does not come for free. It is compatible with Win2K, Windows XP and Windows 2003 and comes with a fifteen day trial period. So what you are exactly doing is that, you are simply using the profile of the user who is currently logged on, to execute the application that you require. It can also be used to double encrypt runas commands.

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