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TekCERT is a security software specially designed with its self signed certificate generator for the Windows based system. This corporate security software got introduced in the market on August 2012 by the publisher Yasin KAPLAN. It is tested on various operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Windows XP, Windows 3, Windows7, Windows 8 server and Windows Vista. This corporate security software possesses the special feature of generating 1024, 2048, 3072 and 4096 bits certificates and ensuring corporate security with its effective encryption functionality. It automatically generates certificates installed in the Windows Certificate Store with its special key enabling you to configure all certificate parameters through this software. TekCERT is extremely light weight and easy to use software for your computer.

TekCERT provides you with the ultimate protection of your desktop security. It is an easy to use security software which automatically keeps itself updated with all the Windows version. You are allowed to browse, delete or export certificates in the certificate store through TekCERT. This software generates Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and processes quick response from the certificate authority. It is used to generate the self signed certificates for any test environments. The certificates generated by this software has got the validity period for up to 20 years. TekCERT enables you to export the public key in .cer format or with the private key in .pfx format after creating the certificates for your clients’ effective information.

TekCERT requires only 1GB space of your RAM. It is extremely quick to install and easy to use. TekCERT enables you to browse all pending requests and process all received certificate authority responses in the pending requests tab. You can find the signed certificate in the certificate store. TekCERT has been tested against all kind of viruses, spyware, Trojan and was found to be 100% effective.

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