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In today’s world the computer alone has no stand and heavily relies on a multitude of devices which are removable and provide backup support on many occasions. Besides acting as backups, they often help in transfer of data across platforms. Since one cannot always rely on the network for the purpose of data transfer, removable and secondary devices come in handy. Devices such as USB sticks, USB mouses and keyboards, external hard disk drives, USB modems, mp3 and mp4 devices which are connected through USB ports, and a host of other such devices fall in this category. But these devices often carry malicious content which cause damage to the file system. Hence to control such threats, SysUtils Device Manager has come to the rescue.

The software, developed by SysUtils Software, is highly useful when it comes to control access to removable media. Once installed, SysUtils Device Manager automatically detects any removable media that get connected to the machine, be it floppies or CDs or USB devices. It automatically scans the devices for presence of possible viruses or trojans or other kinds of malware. For a computer that operates a multiple of such removable devices, it is hard to keep track of every single device and the free pass they provide for external threats. Hence, SysUtils Device Manager.

Though the software may seem simple, it is capable of working over a network. It can be installed on a single machine, maybe that of the administrator, and can monitor every single removable device that gets connected. SysUtils Device Manager has the following key features: small size, runs on a long range of hardware, can function over the internet and easily detect threats attacking the computer through removable devices. In short, SysUtils Device Manager is a great little tool which solves problems of this kind in a jiffy.

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