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StealthSEEK is a corporate security software program developed by Stealthbits Technologies. StealthSEEK is capable of indentifying high risk and sensitive data across your organization's unstructured file system. This software program is very handy, reliable, easy to deploy and simple to use solution for identifying sensitive and high risk data scattered across your unruled and unstructured file system. StealthSEEK scans your organizations file system and checks for any sensitive data or information which is scattered at several corner of the file system and reports you. It provides you the opportunity to set the scanning criteria and limit subfolder depth. It is a powerful and elegant lightweight data discovery program. It identifies high risk and sensitive data based on common industry criteria (like credit card data, SSN and other personal or non public information) as well as sensitive to specific person(like intellectual property).

StealthSEEK security software program has been specifically designed for corporate sector companies for finding critical and sensitive data across the file system. It was quite impossible to detect sensitive and high risk data hiding at every corner of the distributed file systems. But StealthSEEK is capable to perform this job for you. The scanning engine provided by StealthSEEK can work on almost 440 file types even archives and PST files.

To install this software product in your computer system you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista, Windows 2003 or Windows server 2008. No additional requirement is there. After the installation you will be able to get every bit of high risk and sensitive information scattered in your file system network. It is an ideal software program for organizations working on distributed file systems. It provides a good user interface which makes this software program easier to use and manage. So if you are worried about the sensitive data and high risk personal details scattered in your file system, StealthSeek can definitely help you.

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