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System administrators have to assume a big role when it comes to protecting their system from outside interference, especially when malicious programs and third party users try to gain access to valuable system resources. To empower system administrators with the perfect tool for this purpose, corporate security software developer SpyOnThis has developed the perfect tool for this job which goes by the same name. SpyOnThis is a comprehensive tool which takes care of the entire family of spyware programs such as viruses, worms, adware, Trojans and other types of malicious software. It detects the attempts at breaking the system security and takes necessary actions as is ordered by the system administrator in such situations.

Spyware such as viruses and worms cause considerable harm to the system by modifying files and other system resources and thus leading to change in system behavior. Trojans open up back doors to malicious users and help them gain unrestricted access to the system resources. To help the owners of such affected computers counter these nagging problems, SpyOnThis has built in options which remove infectious viruses and Trojans and other such malware. It remains on guard throughout the hours and helps detect even the slightest attempts at such mischievous actions by malicious third party users.

SpyOnThis has been developed keeping in view the general user and has thus a host of features which interests both system administrators and laymen who are not that familiar with security issues: easy to use interface which guides users through the various intricate details of the software, strong and advanced programming which is capable of identifying the various security risks the system is exposed to from time to time, updated database and free nature boost its performance and popularity. In short, SpyOnThis provides users with a host of features which help them remain safe in a world infected with such dangers.