Download SpamBunker

SpamBunker is a corporate security software program developed by AIM Consulting. This is actually a centralized antispam software program for corporate sector companies. SpamBunker is a software tool to fight with unwanted E-mails or Spams. It is completely different from other anti spam software program available in market. It does not check the content of the mail received but it checks the type and connection method of the server. SpamBunker simply blocks the connection if it finds the server unreliable. This software program relieves you from the burden of updating and tweaking filters.

SpamBunker is an ideal anti spam software program for small as well as large business organizations. The important features of this program are: it adapts itself to any infrastructural configurations, avoids loss of legitimate mails and guarantees maximum reliability, no special hardware requirement, minimal maintenance, protection against any kind of DoS (Denial of service) attacks etc. The most special feature of it is, it blocks the link before the arrival of E-mail on the server, which saves considerable amount of disk space and internet bandwidth.

SpamBunker is compatible with only Windows server 2003 standard edition. It actually works on ESMTP protocol. Hence it can work with any mail server which follows ESMTP protocol for communication. This software program has been specifically designed for corporate sectors to get reed of spams & junk mails. The benefits of using this software program are: it does not perform unreliable mail filtering, simple to configure, no need to update filters, performs in real time SMTP server, smart process of spam elimination. It is a complete anti spam software program for any business mail server. This software program takes the sole responsibility of taking care of your E-mail server and manages it in the most efficient way. So if you want to manage your business mail server and want to avoid spam & junk E-mails, this will be an ideal product for you.