SMS Token

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System administrators need to be on their toe tips when it comes to maintaining the security and safety of the system they are particularly responsible for. Often it boils down to providing online security which requires utmost care on the part of administrators. One of the most useful tools available in this category is the one called SMS Token. It has been developed by a company which develops software meant for providing security to computers and which goes by the same name – SMSToken. It basically provides locking facility to the users by helping them securing their systems through the SMS service. This helps users in remotely controlling their computers and controlling who access the terminals.

SMS Token allows users to control their computers by asking for their permission before anybody tries to gain access to their computers or their file systems. They allow users to send SMS and hence control the two locks they provide the users with. It can work as a separate application or along with other services such as Radius, Firewalls, Citrix, PowerFuse and Terminal Services. It does not need to be manned at every single point of time and hence gives the users a worry free method of securing their systems. Besides, it is really easy to use and is a versatile tool.

SMS Token has the following features integrated into itself with the help of which it has becomes the software of choice for many: simple yet complete security provided through the SMS service which is available to almost everybody these days, easy to use with its simple functions and extremely user friendly interface, it is completely free of cost and hence is easily available. In short, SMS Token has become the first choice amongst a large variety of users by shear show of strength and versatility.