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Data in use today is completely digitized. Although it is very easy to use and transmit, it has a gaping hole to cover up. Digitized data is very much vulnerable to getting intercepted by malicious third party users and they can use it against the owners to cause them harm. Personal information can get stolen without the information of the owners and hence digital data need to be protected from such mishaps. Security software developing firm Simpleauthority has developed a software which goes by the same name and has the discussed objective in its mode of functioning. SimpleAuthority is basically a software which acts as a certification authority and helps users protect their sensitive data in the dangerous world of the internet.

SimpleAuthority generates and maintains encryption keys for personal documents of the users which need to go through the insecure channels of the internet or other networks. It helps users mask their true data with false values so that malicious third party interveners have no idea what it is all about, popularly known as cryptography. Such masquerading becomes extremely efficient when data need to get exposed to a host of unknown people, such as those existing on the internet, private VPNs, etc. Users don’t need to be experts and it is particular easy to use and operate even by those who are completely novices in the field of cryptography.

With the following key features integrated into the body of the software, SimpleAuthority can easily claim to be a leader in its category of software: customizable features which help enhance security of the personal digital data, advanced programming which helps it encrypt the data successfully and make the code unbreakable by attackers, compatible with all versions of Windows. In short, SimpleAuthority proves to be an excellent choice for the security enthusiasts and professionals alike.