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Information security is one of the primary concerns for anybody, be it an individual or an enterprise. Leakage of sensitive and confidential information can lead to security breach which might see a person or a group of persons responsible for the protection of the information land in trouble. But since the information gets lost, there remain no other way to recover it. Hence, the only way left out is to stop the information from getting stolen. A number of tools exist at present to help people keep their electronic information safe. One of them is SecureTower, a security tool developed by Falcongaze software. SecureTower helps users protect their data from all kinds of danger and warns them instantly in case of any trouble it senses.

SecureTower requires administrative privileges to run and can be installed on a single console and used to monitor the activities of every other computer in a local network. System administrators can take full advantage of this and make his employees are doing their jobs. He can monitor their performance and make sure they contribute to the company in a proper manner. It can also generate reports regarding the same and help the administrators control the employees work habits. It warns the administrators in case of possible data leakage and helps him identify the security breach instantly.

SecureTower incorporates the following security feature which help it identify possible loss of sensitive information and report the same: it can identify data stealth even if performed through secure SSL channels and hence maintain security of data, it can draw up detailed analysis of security breaches and help the administrators cover up security holes in the networks, it is considerably small in size and hence fits into almost any system. Overall, SecureTower may prove to be the sharpest tool in the shed if put in the right hands.

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