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If you are troubled, thinking that your database is insecure, you surely need to get a taste of Scuba by Imperva. It is an absolutely free, very less memory occupying, easy to use java application that is also employed by huge multi national companies all over the world now. Many huge and famous organizations like Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL and big software moguls like Sybase databases have resorted to Scuba by Imperva when pressing issues like flaws regarding configuration and known vulnerabilities were at hand. The results are generated in the form of summary reports which are in turn available in the form of Java or HTML, thereby throwing light on the overall risk level.

Scuba by Imperva is a totally free tool, which helps in scanning databases of some of the most famous and leading enterprises for vulnerabilities regarding security and flaws dealing with issues of configurations and such. These issues sometimes also include patch levels. The best feature about Scuba by Imperva is: that it produces the results in such a smooth and gelling manner that it totally smoothens the ease of operation. The reports which are generated are prompt and deliver the information to be acted upon, so that the risk is reduced as soon as possible.

The regular vulnerability updates offered by Scuba by Imperva, ensure you that your Scuba by Imperva software is in sync with the latest software pro quo and also knows the very best about the spyware and malware detection. Configuration flaws basically include weak and easily detectible passwords for security risks which are known and missing critical patches. The Scuba by Imperva software delivers you a snapshot analysis also, which makes it easy for you to sort out the problems and their solutions. Also, Scuba is best for automating vulnerability discovery.