Download ScrubIT

ScrubIT offers filtered, clean, trustable and speedy DNS service absolutely free of any cost by blocking all unwanted, malicious and porn websites. It ‘scrubs’ out all bad stuffs and makes your surfing absolutely clean and reliable for children at home and employees at your workplace. ScrubIT is 100% free to use and simple to set up. With ScrubIT in your computer you will not the headache about what your family members or employees would be confronted with. This free software was brought into the market on August 2007 and has compatibility with Windows XP and 2000 system. It blocks all adult, malicious, phishing, pornographic, harmful links and all potential threats.

ScrubIT enables its users to customize sites that they wish to block. It directly blocks all unwanted websites at the server level. Recent researches have proven that pornography is the plague of this century so in order to eliminate this, ScrubIT enables you to have clean internet by using this software as your DNS server. It even fixes domain misspellings by preventing users to visit malicious links. Also as an add-on ScrubIT blocks gambling, dating, shopping websites ensuring your internet to be totally clean. ScrubIT is perfect to use at home and businesses that are tired of facing pornographic and malicious websites.

ScrubIT just takes a minute for its set up. It offers a great solution for all parents and schools who are concerned about the kids’ online activities and the offices who are thinking of making the workplace more orderly and disciplined for their employees. In case the user finds any malicious link which is not blocked he can directly report it to the ScrubIT team and they fix it instantly. ScrubIT serves as the only free DNS server to actively filter and block pornography enabling you complete freedom in your internet surfing.