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Sandtrap is a corporate security software program developed by Sandstorm. It is a multiple line wardialer detector security program to monitor or answer wardialers working on 16 modems. Sandtrap logs each caller id (if available) of incoming calls and notifies the designated person. This software program is used to audit telephone systems and it keeps track of all incoming calls. Whenever Sandtrap is called it 1. logs the respective caller id (if available) 2. If answer mode is enabled it answers the call or sends user-configurable logging prompt 3. If the caller responds positively it sends user-configurable password prompt 4. If the caller responds positively to the password prompt then depending on the password entered it sends a "Success" or "Failure" message and finally logs the caller information and sends notification to the designated person. If it is set to TRAP mode then the caller is kept in a simulated environment and all text from the caller is saved in the hard disk and displayed on the interface.

Sandtrap security program has been specifically designed by keeping in mind the requirements of corporate sectors telephonic systems. This software program notifies you immediately whenever you are called/connected to via E-mail messages or via HTTP post to a URL you have specified earlier. On the graphical user interface you can see all information about system status like disabled, enabled, call in progress, listening enabled etc. These are also shown in the windows system tray.

Sandtrap security program is compatible with Windows 7/8/XP/NT/2000/98/95 operating systems. Additionally you require the Windows 7/8/XP/NT/2000/98/95 modems to detect incoming calls. This software program is distributed with low overhead server, allowing users to create CGI BIN programs for processing HTTP notifications. So if your organization has active telephonic auditing policy or you work in sensitive information systems, Sandtrap would be a complete solution package for you.

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