Download pwStore

pwStore is a powerful corporate security software program developed by AultWare to provide department password security for small and medium sized IT companies. pwStore is a department/multiuser password management tool specifically designed for small and medium sized IT organizations. This software program is capable to consolidate the passwords for all departments of the IT group into one secured location and provide multiple accesses to this information. pwStore has been specifically designed for multiuser environment. IT companies have several departments and each department has their own authentication process and as a result you have hundreds of passwords to manage. It is not possible to manage passwords in spreadsheets as it is insecure and suffers from performance issues. pwStore encrypts all the passwords and provides the multiple access facility.

pwStore is a very efficient security program for managing password related issues. Whenever a user logs in and wanted to change the password, he/she submits the new password and a authorized user to change passwords for users can accept or reject the request. pwStore actually works as a web server and runs as a windows service. The important feature of this product are: all records are encrypted, two level encryption by using Blowfish, can submit request for new password, password history for each user, can store contact information’s and can run from USB drive. The information on the server can be accessed through web browser or desktop agent which makes it easier to access and manage.

pwStore requires Windows XP/Vista and their server editions to work. You need to install this software program in your organizations server and through this server you will be able to fetch all details about several departments’ passwords. pwStore is sole responsible for encrypting and decrypting of all passwords stored in it. You can access the password details through web browser by sending request to the server. Hence this is an ideal product to manage passwords.