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System administrators need to take care of a whole range of computers which often demand special attention owing to the fact that they face special problems. Computers in a network need to comply with certain rules which the administrator sees fit and decides what is best for his system. For him to function properly, he needs to have a few tools at his disposal which will help him in his job. Their basic function is to perform security checks of the whole network and report to the administrator about the security shortcomings. For this purpose, ElcomSoft has developed Proactive Password Auditor which precisely does these jobs on demand.

Proactive Password Auditor has been developed with the latest technologies in existence and applies state of the art techniques to perform brute force attacks on computers to find out their usernames and passwords. It finds out vulnerable computers on a network by guessing their passwords and flagging them as inappropriate if found weak. It also takes care of hash tables and implements them as and when necessary. All in all, it proves itself quite a useful tool when it comes to auditing networks and their security, especially with the following features:

: easy to use and understandable interface which guides the user through the whole process and he does not feel lost at all,
: powerful techniques applied to get the most out of systems, including brute force attacks and employment of hashing tables to guess passwords,
: unique ‘rainbow’ attack technique to find out passwords of machines on the network, and this is all done in a matter of few minutes instead of taking days on end,
: small size meaning easy installation and implementation.

Finally there arrives a tool in the market which can stretch the concept of administration, not by advertising but by performing, for a change.

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