Download PingFederate

Industry leading in the standard based federated PingFederate identity sorted for its server that enables a single signing on for the online services that have been made available online. These services are aimed at benefiting the customers, employees as well as business partners that the industry contains. You shall not find a federated Identity Solution in the present market that could be easier for installation and setting up. This means there would be no application for integration, installation and scaling as easy as this. The PingFederate software reduces the amounts of cost, complexity and the time required for producing the kind of interface and functionality that leads to applying effortlessly those measures which configure the tools and broadcast a range of the turn key integration kits.

PingFederate is standalone Federation server which integrates and coexist the homegrown as well as the deployment of commercial Identity management. All of this results in identity federation for an identity that ranges to enterprise-wide and is well achievable except for any requirement of extensively upgrading to the entrenched system of Identity Management. The newer versions sport the Attribute Value of capabilities for Transformation that certifies a revocation in the list for enforcement.

There are other things that add to this interface support that is based on the network and has been signed for a metadata for the file management at an improved facility for administrative interface. The simplicity with which the interface has been designed triumphing over the newest methods and inventions of human-computer interaction make the software more easy for running its functionalities and most importantly, interacting. There is an added attribute for transforming the value capabilities that deal with the signed file management regarding metadata with the ever powered and improved interface to incorporate smoother administration. This software indeed stands out of others in every possible aspect.