Download PhoneSweep

For organizations having a huge number of telephone lines, it becomes a daunting task to maintain them and that too with safety and security. There are hundreds of devices panning the whole network and it happens many a times that some of them go astray. They fail to comply with the security measures and prove to be security risks. How to take care of such situations? Well, the answer is here. PhoneSweep is an excellent tool which is put to use by many organizations. It is capable of performing thorough scans of the entire network and detect all the security loopholes in current existence and also takes care of them.

PhoneSweep is the perfect security audit application for experts, as well as novices. With its easy to use interface, it guides the user through whatever task he/she is planning to do. It is capable of detecting over 400 types of systems within the network it is scanning. From answering machines to modems, it identifies every single type. It can be run from a single console by the administrator which is one of its greatest advantages.

With the listed key features packed in, PhoneSweep proves to be the ultimate network scanner:
: it performs scans of entire systems and identifies each and every security fault in the network so that the administrator can take care of them,
: it can be used to perform either passive listening of telephone calls or to actively penetrate the system to force the call to end or do other things,
: it applies the latest technologies to maintain security such as brute force attacks if it finds suspicious behavior on the part of employees and use it to find out username and passwords.

On the whole, PhoneSweep is a very advanced security auditor which can be particularly useful not only in industries but also for domestic purposes.