PEV - The PE file analysis toolkit

Download PEV – The PE file analysis toolkit

PEV - The PE file analysis toolkit serves as a corporate security software that analyses tools for retrieving and analyzing information on all Window files. This multiplatform toolkit is very useful for all security analytics, forensic investigations and programming. PEV was published by ‘DcLabs’ software company on October 2012. It can be installed in the operating systems like Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 as well. With the file size of only 1.99MB it makes it very quick and easy to complete the installation. PEV is free to download, making it one of the highly recommended corporate security software for the users.

PEV has the feature to include many good programs and work in coordination with the PE files. This security software has got the license under GPLv3+ terms. It supports both 32bit and 64bit PE files. PEV can even detect the presence of DEP, NX and ASLR bits along with call back functions of TLS and other sections that seem suspicious. All output of the software can be formatted in both text and CSV formats. It displays all imports, exports, headers and sections of the PE files. The security software includes other tools for converting RVA from the offset files and similarly from offset files to RVA.

PEV searches for all hardcoded strings both Unicode and also ASCII in the PE file database simultaneously. It has the capability to detect if any of the executable is packed and can also calculate all hashes of PE files. This corporate security software has been tested and found 100% clean from all anti-viruses and malwares and is highly recommended for all corporate organizations. It runs smoothly without slowing down your PC. So with PEV-the PE file analysis toolkit you are ensured to retrieve and analyze all information on Windows PE documents.