Download Pen Drive Unlocker

A simple measure to keep your computer safe! Portable devices for storage are being used everywhere. Without a problem, information and files can be transferred from source to destination systems in no time. They have turned out to be a blessing among people in this computer-age. But many a times, they can turn out to be a curse.

It is very convenient to back up data as well, but the biggest problem is they are largely open to being infected. Since copying and pasting is so easy, people introduce these drives into the system without realizing much that they might end up copying the virus coming along with it too. These files that contain virus are not easily removable and if you do not have an antivirus installed, it might be a dead end for your system. But it turns out, that there is a safe way out, the Pen Drive Unlocker. This software is a simple utility which lets a user to lock or unlock the USB ports of their computer.

This protects machines from unauthorized usage by external devices for storage. The Pen Drive Unlocker does not concern a lot of hassle to put to use, simply click on a small rectangle from which a drop down menu comes up and then you have to make a choice amongst Read Only, Normal and Disable modes. These would ensure the level of interaction that you are ready to provide as the upper bound. Clicking on the Save Button would put the action into use. The biggest strength is that you can use it for any USB port that you desire. The software works exactly as it is supposed to, which is not a surprise. Pen Drive Unlocker does not need to be installed. It comes in the form of a zip file.

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