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It often becomes necessary for us to instantly lock our computer screen in order to protect our data from inconspicuous sources or to perform some task of importance. The process generally involves us taking the mouse pointer over to the start button and clicking the buttons accordingly. But this could be done in a much more easy way as is demonstrated by Clubbhouse Inventions. This firm has developed a software named PB Screen Lock which is capable of locking the computer screen almost instantaneously by simply removing the USB flash drive from the USB port. It locks the screen by removing the drive and unlocks it again whenever it is reinserted. These actions are fail proof and can be completely relied upon for delivering what they promise.

PB Screen Lock takes advantage of the fact that it is drive dependant and no other device can operate it. It uses this to its full advantage and has opened up to extravagant results. It locks and unlocks computers by deciding whether a USB port is occupied or not. If it is, it leaves the computer unlocked and operable by anyone. But if the USB drive is removed, it immediately locks the machine. Hence the USB drive acts as a key to the lock. It is not duplicable and hence is fail safe.

PB Screen Lock does the following which it make such a useful security software in its category: it does not store information and gets rid of them as soon as it is closed, it matches the security key before unlocking the screen, it does not affect other processes in any other way, it is free and considerably small in size to fit into almost any system. Thus, it is a great security tool which, if put to proper use, can prove to be much more than it seems.

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