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Ecryption has always been a trusted method for the purpose of protection and security for people everywhere. But this proves to be nothing more than an illusion. Strong decrypting software have reached the market which do the job very efficiently and quietly. In other words, there is no dearth of tools which will take less than a few minutes to crack even the most secure of drives. Passware Inc. has delivered us a similar tool which goes by the name of Passware Kit Forensic. It is perhaps the most reliable tool that computer forensic experts prefer to have in the shed.

Passware Kit Forensic uses state of the art technology to find out the encryption key values as well as other passwords. It uses enhanced brute force attacks to accomplish the task. In fact it is so powerful, that it has been recorded to decrypt Bitlocker encrypted drives within a few minutes. True Crypt is a software that ensures hardcore encryption. But Passware Kit Forensic has also been able to break its passwords wide open. With its amazing combination of technology and programming it seems to be unstoppable at its job.

Passware Kit Forensic comprises the following features which help it to emerge as the clear winner in its category:
: enhanced security features which include more efficient brute force attacks and other penetration features which help in the ultimate goal of the software,
: easy to use and user friendly interface which means even novices can work with it and get satisfying results,
: it is the first choice amongst computer forensic experts for it “floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee”,

Passware Kit Forensic has established its usefulness in the market of penetration testing. The kind of performance it delivers is of top quality and to the say the least, it delivers what it promises.

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