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Password protection is one of the most ancient methods of ensuring protection of personal data and other information which are sensitive to the public eye. These days almost every application or the other comes with options of password protection and to say the least people avail such services almost instantly. But the real problem arises when they have to remember the passwords and more often than not, they happen to forget them. To solve this nagging problem, corporate security software developing firm ARUtilities has brought to the market PassCat – Password Catalog. This software helps users in storing the passwords which they find hard to remember manually, thus opening up new possibilities for them to work worry free.

PassCat – Password Catalog has been developed with the sole ambition of maintaining a safe and secure database of the various passwords the users chooses to use. It has customizable options which allow multiple users to create individual accounts to store their own passwords, all on the same copy of the software. It maintains data integrity and does not lead to loss of the confidential data the users entrust it with. Its strongly programmed structure helps it to store passwords without the fear of them getting compromised.

PassCat – Password Catalog has several advantageous features which prove to be the key to the immense success of the software amongst security enthusiasts worldwide: easy to use interface which explains its many nifty little features to the novices in this field, powerful algorithms help it store passwords without compromising their security, small size helps it to run on almost all categories of computers with suitable hardware configuration, compatibility with all version of Windows operating system. All in all, PassCat – Password Catalog is a great tool which solves the problem of password recovery all at the click of a button.

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