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OPSWAT Security Score is the software that helps in evaluating status of all the installed programs in your PC and provides snapshot views of all your security status with scores. The scores are based on antiphishing, firewall, antivirus, backup along with other applications present in the users’ computer along with the current status of those. This software was published by the software agency OPSWAT on November 2012. It is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. This tool is free to download and with its simple user manual all users can just download and launch it without even installing.

The OPSWAT Security Score enables users to make all thorough investigations of their PC’s security and alerts users on the special areas that needs monitoring. This tool with all its modern features shows what all are the applications that are OPSWAT Certified and help users by providing necessary information to improve the scores. OPSWAT Security Score tool helps in removing all anti-viruses and other unwanted existing software application for preparing the installation of the new security software solution. After this tool completes scanning of your system it displays all products and applications that can be removed. The users just need to click the right button for completing the removal procedure.

With OPSWAT Security Score tool all users can raise the overall security level of the computer without any worry. All its scores are based on the reports from market researches, security of industries, expertise in the field of security and feedback reports from all leading technological security vendors. OPSWAT Security Score helps in detecting and managing all antiphising, hard disk encryption and public sharing of files and other types of application all through its advanced features. All users are recommended to download this software tool and use it.

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