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This software serves being the ultimate solution for security problems and other problems such as licensing, protection from copying, rights for digital management and other solution for PowerPoint, excel and word documents. These documents form a major part of the MS Office package and comes as a part and parcel of every PC or tablet and even Smartphones, as you would see it nowadays. This acts being the proof of the versatility and the prevalence that is attached to these office solutions. Being a part of all probable computers used on Earth, stresses on the utility and the wide usability of these applications.

The updating of these solutions over time helps us in coming to the conclusion that these are simply indispensable and people are craving for better functionalities that would serve their purpose in a wholly better way. Such products are made for the internal members of the company specifically whose publishing and security speak highly of it. The software helps in defining the expiry date and time of your high security and highly valued information. The features regarding Word, PowerPoint and Excel should be used to the fullest truly.

The software has the ability to apply and control all the necessary limitations that are attached to the user’s usability and all the extent that is permissible. In short it keeps a check on the more prime factors and limitations which have been defined as being the domain of the users. At companies, documents are usually highly confidential and the facility of allowing all people to access all documents definitely turns out being a bad idea, however serious one might be. So this software is like a checker that intelligently sorts out the limitations and extent to which you might think of accessing the documents attached to the deadlines.

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