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‘Office keeper’ welcomes you with a wide range of professional services for the cleaning and housekeeping service of your office. We are a value oriented business dedicated in providing professional services to our clients for many years. Our staffs here are solely dedicated for ensuring complete satisfaction for all our clients. We at ‘Office Keeper’ provide you with a variety of cleaning services ranging from floors, sinks and toilets to windows and doors. We provide various services and benefits a few of which are listed:
Construction cleanup: staffs responsible for cleaning the area after construction and disposing the rubbish in the disposal area,Daily maintenance of office: wiping off the walls and woodwork as and when required,Window cleaning: dusting off the window sills regularly,Dusting: dusting furnitures and cleaning the internal windows and door panels, Floor/Stairs cleaning: clean and disinfect the floor and stairs, Kitchen cleanup: clean and disinfect sinks. Replenish kitchen supplies as and when required,Toilet cleanup: Clean and disinfect sinks, toilets, mirrors etc. Replenish toilet supplies.

Our professionals here are responsible for keeping the office floor premises clean including meeting areas, boardrooms, reception area and toilet. Our staffs are self motivated and are always catering services at their own initiative. They are trained to work in all areas with an appropriate professional manner. All our staffs comply with all health and safety procedures.

All our quality services at ‘Office Keeper’ come with a reasonable expense. Professionals here are always dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We are always with our customers providing quick responses, quality services, trained personels and professional supervisors. ‘Office Keeper’ guarantee you with complete satisfaction and help. So why to worry anymore about your office cleanliness when ‘Office Keeper’ is just a phone call away.

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