Download NxFilter

NxFilter is an internet web filtering software program developed by NxFilter for controlling user’s activities on internet. This software program is capable of monitoring internet activity of users in your network. NxFilter is used to restrict or block user's request to browse unwanted websites and domains. It blocks the browsers request to browse unwanted or malicious websites and domains available on the World Wide Web. NxFilter helps network administrators to track or monitor HTTP traffic on their network. Using this software program you can block internet traffic to different websites or domains. You can also block those specific programs that make use of DNS. It provides you the Dual Policy Setup facility where you can configure internet usage according to work-time and spare-time.

NxFilter has been specifically designed by keeping in mind the requirements of network administrators to manage their network and internet usage. This software program makes all these jobs very simple to execute for administrators. The features of NxFilter are: active directory integration, dual policy setup, group or user based policy assignments, unlimited custom categories, unlimited user or group creation, embedded webserver and database and internationalized DNS support. NxFilter allows you to separately force rules or restrictions to different users or groups. You can even restrict the traffic on the basis of time. The embedded DB allows you to store your custom rules safely and makes the program work better. It provides many sample templates for policy creation.

To install NxFilter in your system you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista, Windows 2000/2003 or Windows server 2008. Additionally you require installing Java (JRE) 1.6 or higher version in your system. After the completion of installation you will be able to enforce rules and can restrict several websites & domains in your network efficiently. The interactive graphical user interface makes this complicated software program very easy to work and manage.