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Our Windows operating system run computers are always very susceptible the most innovative ways of being hacked. Especially, when it comes to the various boot options of the computer itself, it is a far-wide-open avenue, and it can be easily exploited by unauthorized users for their own discretion. Yet, keeping the computer in such a gullible state can prove to be harmful, and can jeopardize the security of the same.   NoSafeMode is a software that has been built to tackle with particularly these kinds of problems. It is a software that can disable F8, advanced boot options as well as Safe Mode, in order to protect the computer from being encroached upon through these by-lanes of the computer. The author of this utility tool explains his idea and reason behind designing such a tool saying that he simply made this when he found no safe and secure way of letting the boot options run. It would be easy for any hacker to get access to all the information stored and the system settings if he or she makes way through these other boot options, unless it is disabled in some way or the other.   This program is compatible with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and XPE, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. The main reasons as to why NoSafeMode should be used are precisely; NTDLR hacking is an illegal move and it practically hinders one from exploiting any of those boot options even when one has a requirement to do so; Any alteration incurred on the Safe Boot registry will result in crashing of the system each and every time while switching over to safe mode, corrupting all the files, and prevent any other attempts made to resort to boot options; NoSafeMode allows authorized users only to use the safe boot options, and otherwise keep it locked with the help of a password. Nevertheless, NoSafeMode is a great reliever for you authorized users around.

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