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NIC or Network Interface Controller (sometimes known as Network Interface Card) is a component which connects a computer to a network. Its primary function is to make sure the computer gets access to whatever network it is supposed to connect to and maintain the connection. Hence it is a direct way of controlling network access of a computer. Many system administrators rely on the NIC to make and break a connection directly. To enable the system administrators to allow access to the NIC, wild paw software has released NIC Padlock, a software that allows the same. With this, anyone can access the NIC of a computer which is trying to gain unauthorized access to the network.

System administrators have finally found the perfect deputy for the job. NIC Padlock holds the power to disable the NIC of remote computers which are trying to break into the network. Hackers often target networks which don't put up sufficient resistance against such attacks. They seamlessly gain access to the network and perform data stealing or other types of harm typical of system penetrators. To stop them instantly from gaining access and causing nuisance, NIC Padlock is the number one choice. It simply disables their NIC thus completely cutting them off.

With the featured firepower, NIC Padlock can encounter almost any type of mischief: it detects penetrators very easily and disables their NIC immediately, it has a user friendly interface which also displays a message to the user when an NIC is disabled, it can re-enable the NIC of a computer and that too remotely, it can extract a whole list of programs from a computer which have been put in the auto-run mode. Thus, NIC Padlock proves to be a very deputy to security experts who are always on the lookout for malicious outsiders trying to hamper the peace and quiet.

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