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System administrators in need of monitoring tools often resort to the well known ones that are already doing rounds in the market. But many a times they are fed unrealistic and quite stupid products which happen to be of no good at all. They have to carry on with their daily work as if no good solution existed. But those days are over. Spytech Software and Design presents NetVizor. NetVizor is a security monitoring tool which is as efficient as its developers claim it to be. It always runs in the background, without demanding the admin’s attention yet provides sufficient protection quite efficiently.

NetVizor is efficient enough to act as the system administrator’s second in command. It can be installed and run from a single console and hence provides the system administrator to monitor the machines in the local network from his chair itself. It records every website the machines on the network visit, every single keystroke the users make, every single file they access, every single program they run and every single search they perform. It keeps track of emails and chats which the users account for. It can be programmed to alert the system administrator in case it detects suspicious activity in the network. It generates reports and presents to the admin depending on which he takes steps.

With the following security features built in, NetVizor promises to serve to its fullest: it does its job in real time which means it does not cause delays in delivering reports and making security scans, it takes appropriate actions in cases where the user is found to be involved in illicit activities, it is of small size and hence goes easy on the system. Finally, NetVizor pleases its users with its services and that is the reason behind its increasing fanbase.

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