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Nsasoft software developers developed new software named NetShareWatcher and this software is network security software. It is used for monitoring network shares. Any system which violates data access policy will be monitored by it. There are some restricted groups of users which are detected by NetShareWatcher automatically by the system. With the help of this software, you can easily monitor any shared folders on your network. Along with that, you can get permissions and alerts about the software whenever there is a shared network in your system. So it is undoubtedly one of the most useful software for people to use.

This software helps the user to monitor and keep a close watch on all shared folders and files. You will be relieved of all hardware and network problems once you install this software into your system. If any shared user is violating the rules of sharing, the system detects such stealthy users and blocks them. It uses an access list which is pre loaded in it to achieve this. So your system would be quite safe from any unauthorized persons who would be looking for accessing important matter from computer without your permission.

As the software has the capability to disable any shared files and folders which violate the accessing rules and regulations, you need not to watch the system all the time to detect any such activities. It is a user friendly interface as it uses all new features which are quite simple to follow and install into the system. Once you install the software into your computer, it begins its work and gets updated automatically as soon as new features are added to it. That makes it one of the best software for detecting unauthorized accessors. So if you want to keep your system secured from enemies who look like friends, this software is the best choice.

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