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The internet has become free zone for all kinds of activities. It stands witness to a variety of crimes which are committed day after day electronically. The transformation of the web into a virtual world has helped increase the rate of the crimes committed. Web security is one of the most important aspects of an administrator’s job these days. Though it is not an easy job, it is made so by the presence of powerful security tools like N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner. Well known security tool developer N-Stalker has developed it to make the world a better place to live in.

One of the most disturbing facts in today’s world is that people are no longer safe in the world of the web. They are continuously being exposed to dangers they are little aware of. Hence the need for tools like N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner. This particular web security tool has a huge database containing well known web attack signatures. The notorious signatures have been enlisted to provide protection against them. Besides this, N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner is capable of identifying harmful attacks which implement the idea of SQL injection, parameter tampering, Denial of Service and buffer overflow.

With the amazing features listed below, N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner is bound to become one’s favorite web security app:
: efficient performance and huge database of virus signatures is unparalleled by many other security software,
: can detect and prevent even the most subtle attacks,
: indigenous technology proves to be really powerful when it comes to detecting masked attacks,
: it is absolutely free; being such a powerful tool, it offers free service to its clients.

The final verdict regarding N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner’s utility no wonder goes on the topside with its efficient performance which comes at a minimal cost.

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