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My Invisibles is a corporate security software program developed by Microsoft Corporation to provide security for your personal sensitive files and folders. This is a great software program to secure your personal files and folders in your computer from employers, children and anyone else. My Invisibles hides your desired files and folders in your hard disk so that no one can see what you have in your computer system. All files and folders stay hidden even after "View Hidden Files" option is enabled in View settings. Hackers won't ever be able to steal your hidden files and folders from your computer system even if they get access to your computer also. Neither from the recent documents links nor from the command prompt your files and folders will be accessible. For Extra bit of security level My Invisibles software program provides you to lock your files and folders with passwords.

My Invisibles has been specifically designed by keeping in mind the requirements of general users for securing their document files and folders from unauthorized access. You can even run this software program in stealth mode i.e., no one will be able to know it's there. So your document files and folders are in a complete safe place. You can add as many files and folders as you want to hide and secure. Hackers or other spyware program will never be able to know what you have hidden in your system.

To install My Invisibles in your computer you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista, Windows 98/2000/2003 or Windows NT. No additional requirement is there for installation. My Invisibles provides several hotkeys which makes hiding your files and folders very quick. The best feature of this program is that you can run this application in stealth mode. The security through password protection makes your data more secured. This is a good security program to choose.