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The internet has truly changed our lives as well as our perspectives. The advent of this new technology has brought us countless helpful stuff as well as innumerable problems. The internet is a whole new world which like everywhere else houses all kinds of people. It has both the good and the bad. The bad, as in hackers and penetrators, seem to be always on the lookout for mischief. Now it is up to the good guys to stop them from doing so. To help the good guys, which mostly include system administrators, software developer Rapid7 have collaborated with the open source community and designed the software Metasploit.

System administrators need to perform a host of tasks which include scanning the systems for security shortcomings and detecting other types of vulnerabilities, thus fixing them. For them to successfully carry out such cumbersome responsibilities, Metasploit has been designed. The main advantage of this software is that it hails from the open source community and hence is upgraded from time to time. It is capable of performing security scans and find out weaknesses in the system such as weak passwords and dangers of social engineering.

To sum it all up, Metasploit possesses the following skills often prized in security scanning tools for the purpose of detecting vulnerabilities and suggesting solutions: open source and hence a great opportunity to deal with the ever changing styles of security risks, it is continuously updated by the members of the community for the sole purpose of providing better security; it is reviewed by experts all over the world, thus providing great stability and reliability to the software; coming from the open source it also means it is completely free.Hence, all that can be said is it is great tool for maintaining security and working out solutions for the same.

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