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Protecting a computer or a whole system against threats that are roaming around everywhere is a tough task which requires constant vigilance and high levels of patience. Since humans have neither of the required skills for the job, they often take help of software which are tailored for the occasion. Such software help system administrators scrutinize the various external agents trying to gain access to the machines and hence eliminate them. Mandiant Red Curtain is one such tool developed and marketed by Mandiant. The basic job of Mandiant Red Curtain is to analyze executable files, namely .exe and .dll files, which try to get executed in the environment and hence adversely affecting them.

Mandiant Red Curtain employs unique technology to identify whether a file is harmful by analyzing its compiler and packing signature and comparing it with well known digital signature of notorious threats. It also analyzes the entropy level of the files and based on the findings, it draws up a value which it names a threat score. This particular score helps categorize the various files and according to the score they get short listed for further scrutiny. Based on this amazing technology, Mandiant Red Curtain has been able to successfully catch third party malicious software red handed.

With the following useful features, Mandiant Red Curtain promises to be an efficient tool for this purpose: it can identify malicious files in a jiffy by comparing their in-built packing signatures with the database containing digital signatures of infamous files, it employs advanced techniques to identify threats and creates XML reports of the findings so that the user monitoring the software can take appropriate measures. The most exciting feature of it being free has helped it to become a leading example in its category of software and its efficiency truly vouches for it.

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