Download MailSniff

Emails are the primary method of staying connected nowadays. Starting from jobs to interviews to courses, e-mailing system has taken over the formal connectivity technique and has become the most prevalent method that connects any number of people across any set of places in the world. But after years of being a user of a particular email id, you will have handed out the email address to a lot many people and would be receiving mails from all such numerous unwanted sources. You would definitely need an analyzer by your side to make the troubles go away from your life. The MailSniff program helps being an extremely powerful analyzer for the emails as such that is compelling for looking good amongst the employees in the corporate circle.

The utility of the software does not limit itself to just the corporate employees and amongst the corporate circle, but also the parents can use it effectively to check the mails that come and go from the email accounts of their children or their partners too, if they wish. So this software gives you the complete freedom of checking and finding if the accounts contain something of their choice likewise. In the corporate circle, the network administrators can look for any sort of non permitted activity that would hamper or compromise the work of their organization in turn.

Having monitored the online activity of your children, you can keep a close look at what they are using the internet for, to a lot extent. You also have the capability of capturing emails directly from the network interface itself by looking at the files that have been saved in the log of your account and file formats such as BillSniff, Ethereal and tcpdump is sure to work out completely fine. Thus it is a software with great utility.