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The problem of data getting stolen is long standing and no matter what measures are taken, it continues to rise. Petty actions that have been implemented till date has not been able to eliminate this intriguing issue. Although it is an accepted fact that it cannot be nipped in the bud any longer, measures are being taken to prevent as far as possible. With this very aim in mind, Mohsen Ektefa, a software development agency, has come up with a brilliant solution christened M File Anti-Copy. This handy tool proves to be “the thing” victims of data stealing were looking for.

M File Anti-Copy prevents copy of files and folders or even chosen drives by locking them securely. Though it was intended to be a corporate software, aimed at a large collection of computers, it proves to be of perfect nature to be used for domestic purposes. Often it becomes necessary to prevent data from being stolen. For example, a company may very well want to keep its database a secret. But malicious employees may want to leak them out. For these purposes, M File Anti-Copy was developed and distributed.

M File Anti-Copy has the following key features which make it such a hit, both on the industrial and the domestic front:
: it can activate and deactivate the security features it incorporates, all at the click of a button,
: it creates an include or exclude list which keeps track of the files and folders it is supposed to protect,
: it can prevent other actions such as formatting of drives, burning of CD’s, entries to be made in the Windows registry and uploading and attaching of files.

This software became a surprise hit, all due to its powerful features and its attention to detail. With the user-friendly interface, M File Anti-Copy contains great potential to become a leader in its category.