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In today’s world computers are used almost in every field. They are often open to public usage and help the people with their tasks, making them look effortless. But public computers still fall under the supervision of some system administrator or the other who would not want anybody to gain access to the core sections of the machine. Novices who get into those areas can cause considerable damage with their ignorance and so can malicious users. Hence to prevent them from even viewing them, SPeals, a major software developing firm, has brought forth ListPermissionsUP for SharePoint. This software manages the permissions for SharePoint lists which consist of a certain list of programs that the administrator feels should not be accessed by a group of people.

With the help of ListPermissionsUP for SharePoint, administrators are able to draw up various lists for individuals or even a group of users. It prevents them from accessing those certain areas mentioned in the list. It can hide columns from view and prevent them from getting modifies by every other user or so. Items can be marked as ‘read-only’ and thus can be prevented from modification. In this way, not only protection is ensured but users are kept at wide berth from getting involved in a mess, which indicates them to stay away from trouble.

With the following built – in features, ListPermissionsUP for SharePoint provides users with the perfect kind of services as is required by them: it can hide required lists from view of the general public thus not allowing them to access or modify them, it is extremely small in size and even has a free trial version to offer to the public. All it requires is installation and proper handling and it would certainly perform to its best, giving the user a good night’s sleep.

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