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One of the most intriguing concepts that has raised its ugly head goes by the well known name of plagiarism. Plagiarism refers to the fact that an original document or piece of work gets copied in an unsolicited manner, thus destroying the authenticity of the original work. To prevent such unfortunate things from happening, security software developer Lencom Software has designed and developed Lencom Content Guard. As the name suggests, this piece of tool helps owners of original content protect their work from being plagiarized or copied in any other manner and thus preventing the original owner from getting proper recognition which he or she actually deserves.

Lencom Content Guard is built in with powerful algorithms which help it check the documents against a huge array of previously recognized documents. It checks the content of the works it checks with the documents already available on the local machine or the network the machine is currently located in or the internet itself. In this way it prevents data theft and unauthorized duplication of content. Many a times sensitive documents face the danger of getting copied for malicious purposes and Lencom Content Guard is a fine manner of preventing such mishaps. Lencom Content Guard, with its unique method of recognizing the unsolicited theft of data, has been successful to say the least.

With the following advantageous features built into the Lencom Content Guard software, there remains considerable hope that in future content will not get stolen very easily or perhaps at all: advanced programming helping in easy identification of attempts at plagiarism, theft of data and content copy, small size helping in easy execution on almost all systems, compatibility with all versions of the Windows operating system. All in all, Lencom Content Guard proves to be a great way to catch data thieves red handedly.

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