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A centralized system is often an advantage for system or security administrators who like to keep problems at bay. The environment on an office network or commonly known as the intranet, is quite disturbing since there is abundance of malicious users trying to cause nuisance. There also remain chances of data theft leading to the compromise of security of the enterprise itself. To tackle all these problems in one quick go, corporate security software developing firm Cyberbackoffice has designed and developed the unique piece of tool called LANwriter. It works on networks and helps system administrators monitor the various activities of the various users related to transfer of files, writing of DVDs or coping of files to USB sticks and fileservers.

LAN or local area network is a definitive zone for a group of computers to interact, surveyed by a central administrator. With the help of LANwriter, network administrators can keep track of every single file being copied or transferred in the network, thus maintaining integrity of the system. All such operations go through the central console of the administrator and need his or her prior approval for the same. It can be customized to add different levels of security and hence provide strong security to the files which essentially build up the system itself.

With the following key features integrated into the software, LANwriter proves to be a very unique take on the problem of data theft and helps control this intriguing problem: strong and powerful programming which helps system administrators maintain a safe working environment in the local network, easy to use interface which helps users understand the various functional details of the software, small size and compatibility with all versions of Windows further aid its popularity. Hence, LANwriter is a great way to monitor and control the secure transmission of files on a LAN.

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