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Computers have widespread application in our daily lives. It is used in a host of activities which have considerable significance. Without computers our day to day jobs would be like having wood but nothing to light the fire. But all this does not go too freely. Problems are always associated with such things where technicality is involved. Computers dedicated for public use must be treated very delicately otherwise there remain high chances of them being affected. To take care of such issues, PB Software has brought forth Kiosk Genie, a highly useful tool which, in short, helps the owner of a computer with crucial details like access control to vital areas of a particular machine. With all these to be put under surveillance, Kiosk Genie is the suitable tool for the job.

Kiosk Genie performs a host of tasks, few of which are mentioned thus: it has the capability to restart failed applications and thus help in times of great need, it can call upon its powerful algorithms and prevent the loss of crucial information, it can control user access to sensitive areas of a computer like the registry editor, task manager, task bar and start menu, it can restart Internet Explorer in case it gets aborted, it can disable and re-enable USB ports for security purposes and it can control the display of the computer.

Kiosk Genie has two distinct modes in which it can operate. These are the kiosk mode and the normal mode. It can allow access to the particular applications in either of these modes and they function accordingly. With the mentioned features packed into this otherwise simple software, it can become a centre of excellence. Being small in size and rather easy to use, Kiosk Genie proves to be the ultimate tool system administrators have been looking for all this while.

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