ISpy USBLock

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ISpy USBLock is a popular corporate security software program developed by ISpy Design House for providing security to your computer system from unauthorized access. It locks your computer and to unlock the system you need to put a USB stick into your system and make it accessible again. ISpy USBLock software program makes a USB stick an authorized key to lock or unlock your system. Whenever Windows starts or boots ISpy USBLock automatically starts itself and locks the computer. Until and unless you insert the authorized USB stick you won't be able to unlock the system and make use of it i.e., a single USB stick will work as a strong security key for you. You can lock the system in two ways: 1. click on icon present in system tray to lock the system or 2. Remove the USB stick from the system to lock the system.

ISpy USBLock is a very new security software program and makes use of new locking concept. It has been specifically designed for those users want to restrict unauthorized access to their PC's. It provides a hotkey (ctrl+alt+L) to lock your system anytime you want. You can make many authorized USB sticks you want. As soon as you lock your system in any of the 2 ways, it will show you a lock screen and with this lock screen all your windows hotkeys and mouse will be completely disabled until you insert the authorized USB stick into it.

To install ISpy USBLock software program in your system you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista, Windows 2000/NT or Windows server 2008. No additional requirement is there for installation. After the installation you need to make a authorized USB stick using this program. This USB stick will be your security key to unlock your system. The intuitive user interface makes this software program very simple to use and manage.