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ISMS-RAT is the application tool that helps security professionals in building up ISMS in their organizations. It executes functions like risk assessments (RA) or risk treatment (RTP), continuous monitoring and building of procedures all throughout PDCA activity of ISMS and preparation of automatic statement of applicability. This software was launched by the publishing company Nisaki Technology Services on October 2006. ISMS-RAT is compatible with several operating systems which include Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT. It is extremely easy and quick to install with the file size of 8.75 MB only.

ISMS monitors, assesses, identifies and treats all security threats towards your business information and also try to reduce such threats through proper implementation of security levels. It ensures to make all the company’s sensitive data completely secure against all risks. The main objective of this software is assisting the implementation of ISMS through offering various policies, control systems and techniques for making the usage much more easier for all users. This software is best suited for companies who want to upgrade themselves to ISO 27001:2005. The special feature of ISMS-RAT enables complete categorization of assets depending on software, services, information, physical and on other categories as applicable. It lists all major threats and vulnerabilities which may affect the company. ISMS-RAT even helps in the preparation of auditors’ checklists and risk assessments.

This corporate security software is user friendly and open to all kind of updates, additions or modifications. All documents of the company can be traced with the help of ISMS-RAT depending on clause, ownership, control, place of storing the information and type of storage. It also classifies asset inventories based on the respective security information. ISMS-RAT guarantees you in reducing and mitigating all such risks that will lead to better implementation of security levels in the organization.

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