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InterGuard is an internet management software that offers an effective way to monitor employee internet use and safeguard all the company’s vital data and information. It consists of five modules, including Web Filtering, Data Loss Prevention, Employee Monitoring, Laptop Recovery and Mobile Monitoring. These can be applied individually or together as per the company’s requirement. InterGuard provides the required sophistication to restrict Facebook use and personal web browsing or eliminate theft, leakage and abuse.

The developers have set social networking as a special category under Recorded Data. This lets you to specifically monitor an employees’ use of Facebook to determine whether restriction is needed or not. InterGuard can also monitor and filter other websites and limits access to unsafe or undesirable software applications. Various productivity reports can also be generated on individuals too, and the listings and filtering can be made for enhancing employee, productivity and privacy protection measures

InterGuard has a dashboard designed specifically for providing productivity reports on individuals. The reports are dynamic, they can be generated based on single employee or any of their individual activities.These reports can be generated with ease and can be almost entirely auto-generated. In short, InterGuard is your easiest way of tracking online activities of your employees.

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