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In touch lock is one privacy tool which stands by the quality it promises. It is a revolutionary safety tool which lets you control or even restricts anyone else’s access to your personal computer. The in touch lock software has a practical approach when it comes to talking about its user interface, which is by the way very straight forward and user friendly. It has another feature which allows you to run or access or even customize the in touch lock software from your computer task bar. It has a menu on the left hand side of the general window which helps you to organize your system and its data into categories which can be accessible, file and folders which can be seen and other objects including the usage of internet, applications, devise and many other systems on roll.

Each of these above mentioned categories further allow you to hide the taskbar on your screen further disabling the access to your desktop and other interior items including access to the control panel which practically guides your whole system. There is yet another unique feature called the lock feature which is newly implemented and very practical. In touch lock is an award winning safety program software for your computer systems and it really delivers the quality it promises. It allows total and complete unwanted access to you r computer’s drives, control panel, desktop and even internet with a bonus of safety to stored private data.

It also allows you to customize the settings for your internet browser giving you the option to lock certain websites, cookies, spyware and even malware. Not only this, you can put to use, the goodness of the in touch lock security system software to any of your computer’s files, folder, applications, disks, drives and much more.

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