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We all have applications and windows that should only be visible to us and we want to hide it from our friends and other members who have the probability of showing every now and then. People use this technique of hiding the taskbar which is an in-built functionality of Windows, but the more inquisitive people would like checking out the taskbar when they are in doubt and that should anger you more. Thus you would definitely be in search of an application or software that would indeed help you in hiding the application completely and you can use it in stealth.

It would be like the imaginary cloak that you might have seen in Harry Potter and that people are trying to invent something of the same kind for the consumers and normal people. It would be the same thing for you except that it is available right to you through this software, Hide Me. This would all the running applications from the normal view of a person. The Hide Me software knows of ways and shortcuts so that it keeps running objects in stealth and back from there with just the touch of a button. There is no reason to wonder about the speed. It is just the touch of a single button. That is it.

It needs no time if your mind is attentive and your hands on the keyboard. Thus at any time if an undesired person comes up, which according to a funny law, appears where someone is not supposed to. In such cases, the touch of a button is good enough to take your personal application into stealth. The Hide me application has the option of running either in the full graphic or as you wish, in the stealth mode. This Hide Me application can also be protected with password to improvise its functionality in encrypting technology.

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