GrFinger Desktop Login Manager

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Fingerprints and their uniqueness have always provided to turn out being the easiest and the most unique solution which anyone could come up with. This makes logging on into the Windows seem and turn out to be done seamlessly. The standard requirements and arrangements of password and username had been now replaced with the fingerprint verification procedure. Something such as this can never be forged without a physical presence of the person by himself. One such software is the Desktop Login, which has made a paradigm shift in the way files and folders can be asked to be protected instead.

You can log on to Windows without any problem and hence the files and folders shall be kept under security unless a log in has been done specifically. For setting it up and putting it into action, you have to register your fingerprints against the username of your windows system. This is extremely secure as fingerprints are always unique.You can create multiple users so that more than one person can control the computer and a fingerprint can be done set so as to log in into them. Touching the finger print should register the respective fingerprint without any problem. The desktop login shall later use the present and the saved fingerprint to act as the gateway for letting the user use the system. For all later times in your future, this is the technique that shall be followed henceforth.

When the login gets matched, the computer compares all scanned fingerprints with those that are placed in the database for the users to verify their identity with. In case of a match, the account is submitted to Windows and the procedure gets completed. Thus it saves the user from getting any file or folder get accessed by otherwise having the password leaked or unluckily otherwise.