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Information leakage is one the major issues doing the rounds in today’s world where data security is getting thinner by the day. It is one of the most important concerns that an owner feels whenever he logs on to a network which is inhabited by several others about whom he knows very little. The situation is the same for owners of web servers who host websites and are constantly on the lookout for their getting stolen. For them, SecPoint ApS, one of the most famous security software developers around, has developed and brought forth Google Hack Database. It is a comprehensive tool which helps owners of servers to find out whether their data is safe online.

Google Hack Database helps system administrators to identify whether any confidential information has been leaked into the internet and helps them recover it. It is highly efficient in its task and is probably the best in its category. Its user friendly interface helps users get over the fact that it is a security analysis tool and hence helps them get through the various intricate details. It is platform independent and can be executed on both Windows based systems and Linux environments. It keeps records of the database of information stored in the server and helps the owner identify theft of data almost instantaneously.

With the listed set of advantageous features that Google Hack Database includes, it can easily identify the vulnerabilities in a system: it is able to scan the whole system as well as specific parts of it to find out whether they are vulnerable to data leakage, it can identify the kind of information which can get leaked to public sites like Google, it is absolutely free of cost. Besides all these, Google Hack Database is itself an efficient tool which does its tasks dedicatedly.

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