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A name among the award winning patch and vulnerability management solution which is trusted by all without exception, is GFI LanGuard. It is trusted by thousands of companies that deal with protecting countless computer systems on their network. This software is a virtual consultant that provides information on securing the tools such as vulnerability, patch management as well as network auditing. All these take place in an extremely user friendly console. The solution gives a complete picture of the network setup helping you in maintaining your network with all the security measures possible. This optimizes the effect of the state of your network.
The new software is considered as a powerful management vulnerability application. The product provides assessment on vulnerability, asset remediation, compliance reporting, patch management as well as many other features that stand out. The solution provides flexible options for installation and it can easily be run on various Operating Systems such as Microsoft as well as many others. If you follow this procedure you would not need any added botheration of buying expensive hardware that is dedicated for this application to run, in short, the power of compatibility. To improvise on the flexibility, the LanGuard program has the option of running on either the agent-less or even an agent-based deployment strategy.
The installation is only a few steps that is very generic and happens in no time. After you have completed the Installation Wizard and the software has been successfully installed, the management and configuration can now be done from the simplistic management console that we were earlier talking about. The console interacts even better due to the large set of configurable options that it possesses. The technical support provided is prompt. Now you can have the network at your command.

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