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Internet security is one of the most important and controversial issues currently doing the rounds. Mainly because of the impact it has on the users, the internet is now hailed as the most dangerous place to roam, with all the malicious people looking for causing nuisance. For this purpose, system administrators prepare their systems and defend them with firewalls to prevent unauthorized access. The firewalls have to maintain a certain list of valid and invalid users who should be allowed or disallowed to access certain applications, respectively. Firesec, coming from the house of security software developer Network Intelligence India, is one such tool which creates and maintains the rule base for firewalls, both for small and large enterprises.

The job of Firesec is to monitor the applications which are in a particular list which it creates once it is installed. If a particular application is in the white list, it is allowed to access the resources of the system and the internet as well. But if it is in the black list, it is prevented from accessing the system resources and is hence blocked. Suspicious programs such as viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware and spyware are blacklisted. The program updates itself often to ensure the latest viruses and worms are accounted for and that it provides the user with the latest features.

Firesec has the following in built features which make it so efficient in its current state and so popular as well: it is compatible with all major firewalls such as Cisco, Juniper, Cyberguard and others, it is updated regularly to keep pace with the latest changes, it is super efficient with the job it has been designed to do. Besides, its amazing interface makes the job all the more lucid and makes it look like rather artistic!

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