Download FaceMetrix

FaceMetrix is a security software which has been developed by Penpower Technology Ltd in the year March 2006 and since then till today it is serving as a great cost effective and access control solution for all corporates. It has got the special feature to automatically capture faces that are in the viewing area of the camera. With its centralizing facial recognition tracking system it can monitor all unauthorized attempts. FaceMetrix helps all computer users to identify facial recognition for accessing their computers. With FaceMetrix in your computer, you take a look at the webcam of your device and it will automatically unlock itself recognizing its master. FaceMetrix is compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.

FaceMetrix compares the facial characteristics against the selected individuals’ features that are stored in its database and completes its matching in less than one second. Users just need to have a web camera in their system with atleast a resolution of 380,000 pixels. To start with, users need to take a look in front of the computers’ web camera and instantly 20 facial characteristic will be taken by the computer to create facial models. At the time of logging in, the users need to face the camera instead of typing the username or remembering the password and the system by extracting facial characteristics will find a similar match automatically. Not only comparing facial characteristics, FaceMetrix serves as surveillance tool too by recording the time and scanning photos of any unauthorized users trying to operate the PC.

FaceMetrix offers far more advantages than computers that are accessed by fingerprint recognition. Indirect physical contact is offered with FaceMetrix in computers which reduce any risk of malfunction of the equipment. FaceMetrix security software boosts the company’s security system by adopting the trend of facial recognition.